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About me

Hi, I’m Deena! I can’t wait to help you achieve more vibrant health.

After years of struggling with complex health issues, chronic fatigue, and terrible digestive issues myself, I know first hand hard it can be to feel like garbage all the time.

Despite a healthy diet and active lifestyle, I felt miserable most days.

It wasn't until I uncovered the real root causes of my symptoms that I finally got my energy and vitality back. I could finally eat food without pain or bloating. I could get through the day without feeling tired, losing focus or needing a nap!

It was life changing.

 Now I use the same approach and powerful techniques to help others who are struggling with digestive issues, fatigue, weight gain, and perplexing symptoms.

Denise V.

"I've been fortunate to work closely with Deena for almost two years. She is a knowledgable advocate for health, and my work with her continues to be a integral part of my weight loss and longevity goals. Her style is gentle and her work is customized and thorough. After each session, she sends me a fabulous follow up summary note with resources we discussed and a plan that keeps me focused."

Eva-Marie C.

"Deena has been instrumental in helping me manage my blood sugar, my recovery after bowel surgery, and addressing my overall health. Her holistic approach to health and wellness is a breath of fresh air in a time where many clinicians want to quickly 'fix' an issue with a medication."

My Methods

Uncover the root causes so you can live a more vibrant life.

I use a combination of comprehensive lab testing, health assessments and clinical acumen to uncover the root issues holding you back from feeling your best. 

Comprehensive Testing

Targeted Nutrition

Holistic Care

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